Artism: The World Through the Eyes of Autism


You haven’t heard much lately from Not for lack of news–I have a book & opera production coming in 2018. (More on that later.) No, I’ve been in a funk and a serious case of TMI. Social and asocial media are manageable afflictions, but sometimes one weakens.

Navigators who go off course a few degrees may arrive in Greenland rather than Georgia.  A slight displacement at the beginning of a journey results in a major transformation.  I want a displacement when I read, make, or listen to a work of words, music and images–a little shift in my frame of reference. For a little while, I am Huck Finn, or live in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town,  or hear a Greek sculptor, dead for centuries, telling me through the artistry of a god’s broken statue, “You must change your life!”

Readers of this blog-site who have read past blogs, delved into the works posted, or read my book Frameshifts (2 volumes), or attended an opera like La Rinuncia or The Fisher of the James will hear an echo.

My “Frameshifts Project” for the last 50 years has been an extended invitation to you, saying, “Shift your frame of reference a few degrees and see where it takes you!” Even if the shift lasts no longer than a poem, or song, or story, it may send your journey to a new place.

Which brings me to what brought me out of my funk:  An announcement of a new exhibition which is all about frame-shifting:


    My friend, Reid Hall, is showing his photographic images  at Art Works, 320 Hull St., Richmond, VA 23224 from November 24, 2017 through January 21, 2018. As he says, “I never really thought I saw things differently from others until the people around me said the way that I think is interesting. I hope you will come and let me know what you think about that.”

Reid's Show

I bet you have time to visit, because

“By countless steps

and endlessly

coming and going,

all things make their way

at different strides.


All things pass away,

return, step fully

in and fully out,

turn inside out,

and make their way.


Time is not part of this.

Its hours and minutes

are surrogates for framing

stride to stride,

or scale to scale.


No, in your walk,

your divine walk,

keep shifting frames.

Let steps leap nebulae

at solar strides;


or carve nucleotides

at enzymatic clip;

or lift, piece by piece,

fragments the conservator


restores. You choose.

I implore you:  choose.         .  .  .  ”


(from “Zoom In And Out”   See complete text in an earlier blog.)

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