Hear Five Poets at Book People

January 20, 2018  A day of celebrations, some marched. Not much of a marcher, I continued to work on a different kind of demonstration for this spring:


Then I took a break to join the crowd listening to five poets in a small bookstore in Richmond, BookPeople, which is currently doing a GoFundMe drive: https://www.gofundme.com/bookpeopleva.  Perhaps you’d like to join us.

Here’s the shop:

2. BookPeople

The poets spoke behind this bay window:

3. Bookpeople


Here’s some of the crowd behind the window.0. Cover shot


There were many notables present–



Susan Hankla read first. I missed part of her presentation, but this will give you an idea.

Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda:

Then Joanna Lee:

The inimitable Derek Kannemeyer:

Last, Elizabeth Seydel Morgan:

Glad you could make it!  If you’d like to send me a message or to post some of your own work on this blog-site, contact me at rickroserestoreacct45@outlook.com

5 thoughts on “Hear Five Poets at Book People

    • I am sorry my earlier comment sounded harsh. Do you mind putting me back online? I loved that day, and reading with the other four poets whom I love and admire. And I appreciate your efforts to showcase us all.

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