A new venture

Call it the shut-in venture. Here is the first installment of a new book of poems, delivered one per day, on Medium. com:  https://medium.com/@r.and.k.rose/1-i-wrote-to-perfect-disorder-and-other-poems-in-33915daab24

I will also return to making blog entries. WATCH THIS SPACE. In the meantime, you may also read any of the works and past essays & reviews on frameshifts.com.

Population matters


                                        IN MEMORIAM     RAJ JAISINGHANI

I have not blogged for some time. Frankly, it didn’t seem to matter. Recently, however, I was interviewed about my friend, Raj Jaisinghani, who passed away last year. We cooperated on some workshops related to his book HOMO SAPIENS, and also wrote a paper together, with the assistance of my son, Robert A. Rose.  Here is a pdf of the version of the paper that appeared in the newsletter of the Church of the Holy Comforter in December, 2015.

Population Matters