Coming Performances: STRIKE THE ROCK!

Currently, preparations are underway for a new production, entitled “STRIKE THE ROCK!” beginning with a “highlights” performance at the Gelman Room of the Main Richmond Library at 2:00 p.m. on March 31, 2018. Strike the Rock! will feature two one-act operas: Amber  and  Monte & Pinky.  The latter is a new work. Following the production of In Sweet Surrender on September 20, 2015, I began to work on Strike the Rock! The idea was to bring together works which deal with the wounds of war and racism.  Amber, previously performed in Alexandria, VA in 1999,is about the family of a survivor of the Bataan March. Complete text and score of Amber are in the “Works” folder of this web site and some of the recorded music is on the Marginal Notes web site.


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