An Update for May 1, 2021

The book “Pushback” is on its way in the world, having been reviewed in several publications and promoted in both publications and media. A book of poems is unlikely to get more attention unless Celine Dion or another star sings the lyrics. Speaking of music, planning for a production of “Night Caps,” by Brooke Vandervelde (libretto) and Richard Rose (music), is underway in Amherst, VA, under Brooke’s direction. Two other works by Rose are the story collection, “Forms of Resistance” and another opera, “Escape Plans.” A copy of the stories sits on a prospective agent’s desk; the unfinished opera sits on my desk waiting for more labor. Happy May Day. rlr

An update for February 2021

A NEW BOOK IN 2021: PUSHBACK See the new author landing site:

PUSHBACK is a new collection by Richard L. Rose, described by Jay Parini as “alert to the dilemmas and problems, the agonies and injustices of this hard time in the world,” by the BookLife review as an “eloquent collection, subtitled ‘Selected Poems of Resistance,’ (which) touches on a wide sweep of topics with a singular sense of rhythm and musicality . .” and listed by Rosebud BenOni for Kenyon Review’s list of Poems for 2021. Here are poems about immigrants (“We’re full. No others need apply . . .”), daily life  (“Thrown in with whites/ bath towels don’t bleed.”),  history (when “Another veteran was in the news./ A nightstick ground out his eyes . .”), and the possibility of changing course (“Past Hope, going to Golden Goa, / spoons swallowed by the sea”). Published by Atmosphere and available from Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Amazon. Author site is

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  P R I O R   T O   2 O 2 1 :

TO READ A SAMPLE OF FRAMESHIFTS See: Berkeley Hotel chapter from FS

In this selection, Professor Hank Randall is interrogated by federal agents about his ties to the radical Salvage community.


Find them on Amazon . When you read one, please leave a review!  See:

FRAMESHIFTS (2 volumes) A novel made of speculative fiction and poetry in several genres such as mysteries, military actions, fictional memoirs, and narrative poetry about the history of the Salvage, or Salvolution community, which came together in the Northern Region (parts of the former states of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania) after the original federation exhausted its resources on regional military conflicts and a belated effort to save the former coastal cities from sea-rise. Among the many decentralized communities on the continent, the community came to be known as the Fellowship of the Attentive.

The books are available in hardback and e-book on Amazon and in manuscript under “Work On Yourself” on the website.  

Volume One:

Volume Two:

 Coming Around About journeys in and out of Richmond over 200 years, since the time it was a sales center for enslaved human beings, this is an extended work of poetry about the travels of two families entangled in commerce and slavery from 1815 to 2018.

Also on Amazon is an e-book, Death Wears A Tricorn, the first story in Frameshifts.

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 A sequel, Death on His Heels in Richmond: And other stories and fables, awaits a publisher, as does another book of poems, As Well As Can Be Expected. Let me know if you’d like to see these works.

Also, Capitol Opera Richmond will be presenting some of my work with that of William Braxton and Michele Hampton in a “Composers Forum” in the coming year (2020). More on that in future announcements. Note: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19 & THE DEATH OF WALTER BRAXTON.