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         Welcome to newcomers! We are all artful beings and websites provide a means to give or sell our work to others as well as to announce live performances. Welcome to this site–a kind of wound treatment center where we apply poetry to what ails us.  But as in any treatment center, you must not expect miracle cures, invincible technology, or giants with heroic super powers. Instead, you will find palliative care, attention to each other and the world we inseparably inhabit, and compassion. First we set the wound by learning to shift frames of reference.

        Frameshifts was a practice before it became a book. It is a matter of displacement over change of scale, not over time. This displacement is what one feels when creatively engaged on work worthy of sustained attention. It is a way of getting in stride with reality.

         I still rehearse this practice to find the realms and roles that give me the best take on reality. On the site, I share my work, comment on the work of others, and converse with you, if you care to reply. We work on ourselves first. Poetry, stories, pictures, music and other arts ensue. The work on ourselves is the continuing center of the conversation.  What are you doing to turn continually to the center of your existence? Please sign up on this site for conversation and notices of new blogs.

Here find my responses to living. So much of what matters is already given before we appear on Earth–our habitat, our people, our culture. As Kurt Vonnegut said, we just got here. We come into being without any planning, control, or programming on our part. Our lives unfold in response to the given.  This newsletter will provide such responses as: links, essays, abstracts, stories, poems, book reviews, quotations, videos and music about health, humanity, the natural world, curiosity, and imagination. Like the Salvage Yard built by Avery Crawley in my book, FRAMESHIFTS, these responses make a provisional stay against waste and loss. You are invited to click on previous blog comments, Notes about Frameshifts and other writings, notices of previous or coming performances, and to visit links like those below. Please comment and let me know if you would like to do a guest commentary. You may also contact me through the author landing site:  https://formsofresistance.com/

          The blog considers life as a practice–a rehearsal. To  rehearse literally means “to rake over,” as in preparing soil. We continually work on ourselves as artists work on  tones, words, clay, or canvas. As a gardener is always raking, so we keep responding. We make no finished performances. In this continuing procession, our attention comes and goes. While this website  is neither a self-help site nor an advertising platform, I do plead guilty to self-promotion in the interest of starting our conversation. .Perhaps the newsletters will occasionally draw your attention back to your own garden.  See the other panels on the header, such as “Work on Yourself,” to access my writing and compositions. And see these links:

DIRECT LINKS TO WORKS COMPILED ON THIS BLOG-SITE : https://frameshifts.com/notes-on-frameshifts/


Email:  r.and.k.rose@gmail.com   

Blog website: https://frameshifts.com/2020/12/18/decorations-displays-and-forms-of-resistance/

Author landing site: https://formsofresistance.com/

***To buy a published work, use the links below for PushBack, Coming Around, and Frameshifts. For scores of operas, chapbooks of stories and poems, and autographed copies of published works, contact me at the author landing site or by email. For more information about my work, see below.

***PUSHBACK: ISBN-13: 978-1636495590  Order PushBack from:   Barnes + NobleIndieboundBook Depository, Amazon

Readings from PushBack onYouTube: https://youtu.be/eCCd7Li61Jc And https://youtu.be/Qr7QUr6WsL0 

3 minute podcast about PushBack from Without Books: https://withoutbooks.com/blogs/micro-podcast/richard-l-rose

***COMING AROUND: ISBN-13 978-1-947860087 Order from https://www.amazon.com/Richard-L-Rose/e/B007961XEU?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1613151390&sr=8-1

Bookstore presentation on Coming Around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxXPx7mHDOs&ab_channel=RichardandKathleenRose

Radio Interview on WRIR’s Prose & Cons  in Richmond, VA: https://proseandcons.org/2018/07/23/richard-rose-and-bill-sizemore/

***FRAMESHIFTS, Part One              FRAMESHIFTS, Parts Two and Three

            ISBN-13: 978-1461061281                ISBN-13: 978-1461157731

Order from https://www.amazon.com/Richard-L-Rose/e/B007961XEU?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1613151390&sr=8-1  Youtube recording about Frameshifts: https://youtu.be/eMWGceNzyVM

REVIEWS:   Besides these reviews, others are listed in the blogs below.

Here is a book review of one of the mystery novels about the North Korean policeman, Inspector O. “Target, Teepees, and Inspector O,” published  on Cadillac-Cicatrix  http://marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org/Content/TargetTepeesAndInspectorO.pdf
Reviews on Amazon: 

MARGINAL NOTES   On this website, I previously placed musical scores, manuscripts, photos, family information, and information about well being.   http://marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org  But the Marginal Notes Site is currently down and under revision. “Marginal Notes” was also the name of the musical ensembles who performed my work until 2015.


Recordings of book readings, clips from operas, and broadsides on current news are at my YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqDZ6vviAQek_TArXuGKjQ

Readings by me and others at the Poetry Society of Virginia in April 2015: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-1T4lCDAI&list=PLaYPMBLAyZMG2FmZKuwCiBQBvSSnIlUwE  

and at the PSV Poetry Festival in Williamsburg, May 15-16, 2015: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr8yMn8FTT4&list=PLaYPMBLAyZMH8H1FRMxlQw4Bmon01dxRx

(I read the poems  “South Boston Man, June 6, 1944” and “Love’s old refrain.” Thanks to Bill Glose, author of The Human Touch,  for making these.)

And here’s the link to a song,  “Just enough”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqzFUKN7xgc

Reading at Poetry Society of Virginia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OY95rVCSps


Here is a link to a prose poem “Palliative Care” posted on the Medium site. It is now also the last section of the book Coming Around, published in 2018 by Brandylane-Belle Isle press.  The “Medium” version is in prose paragraphs; the Coming Around version is in the original stanzaic form.  In a chemical analogy, I think of them as being like stereoisomers.



Selected Music and Words Produced and Published by Richard L. Rose 

Operas                                    Productions

Annunciations                          Kaiserslautern (Marginal Notes, 1968), Alexandria VA (Marginal Notes, 2009)

The Books of Daniel                 Ashburn (Marginal Notes, 1997), Alexandria, VA (Marginal Notes, 2009)

Amber                                     Alexandria, VA (Marginal Notes, 1999), Richmond, VA (Capital Opera Richmond 2018)

Missa Brevis                            Warrenton Chorale (Warrenton, VA, 1982), Richmond, VA (Capital Opera, Richmond, 2015) This work was made part of Annunciations.

The People’s Voice                  Alexandria, VA (Marginal Notes, 2001)

La Rinuncia                             Norman, OK (Scissortail Productions, 2010), Richmond, VA (Capital Opera Richmond, 2015)

The Fisher of the James          Richmond, VA (Marginal Notes, 2013)

Monte & Pinky                        Richmond, VA (Capital Opera Richmond, 2018)

Two productions, In Sweet Surrender (2015) and Strike the Rock (2018), by Capital Opera Richmond, were concerts of selected combinations of the above works. Church works, including collaboration on a hymnal with Christopher Webber, are not included. Additional operas written in collaboration with David Smith (Maria Maquilla) and Brooke Vandervelde (Night Caps, 2021) have not been produced. Another collaborative project was a hymnbook.


Verse and fiction:

Frameshifts, Part One (vol. 1, 2011) ISBN-13: 9781461061281, LC Control Number: 2011905608              ebook ISBN: 1631976166 (CreateSpace)

Frameshifts, Parts Two and Three (vol. 2, 2011) ISBN-13: 9781461157731, LC Control Number: 2011907518   ebook ISBN: 1613976159 (CreateSpace)

Death Wears a Tricorn (e-book) ISBN: 9781937698720,  version 20120207 (Telemachus)

Three Stops on Route 15,” in the Piedmont Journal of Poetry and Fiction (2017) in print and online versions. http://www.piedmontjpf.com/three-stops-on-route-15-i

“A Truth,”Lucretius,” and “The Centerpiece,” in The Best of Virginia Writers Club Centennial Anthology, 1918-2018, Betsy Ashton, Editor (2017)

Emma Strawbridge,” in the 2019 Artemis anthology.

To a Self-Made Man,” in Lingering in the Margin, the  River City Poets Anthology, 2019.

Verse letter “To Edward Hirsch” in response to Hirsch’s interview by Judith Harris in the Oct/Nov 2012 issue of Writer’s Chronicle. (https://www.awpwriter.org/magazine_media/writers_chronicle_issues/octobernovember_2012) The letter was published in a subsequent edition.

Two Children’s books, The Queen and the Crocodile (2008) and Shura (2008), graphics and production by Sushmita Mazumbar of Studio Pause (http://studiopause.com/  ) in Arlington, VA. Copies of these books are available from  Studio Pause and may be viewed in Special Collections at the Main Library in Richmond, VA.


“Genetic Variation in the Oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin), in Relation to Environmental Variation,” in Estuaries, v. 7, n.2, p 128-132, June 1984.

“The Perilous Per,” in The Science Teacher, v.58, n.6, p 76-77, September 1991.

“Pick a Penny” (with William L. Rose), in Science Scope, v.16, n.3, p 41, November 1992.

“Improving Remedial Students’ Approaches to Proportional Thinking in Science” 1987 Doctoral Dissertation in the library of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

(Omitted are other musical scores, professional and academic writings, essays, poems and stories personally collected and distributed in small numbers for special occasions or purposes. A list of these is available.)

RUNNING LIST OF BLOGS and selected other information on the Frameshifts website

Almost all the blogs contain poems as well as comments.

Review of Parini’s novel about St. Paul. https://frameshifts.com/2019/06/15/review-of-the-damascus-road-a-novel-of-st-paul-by-jay-parini-2019/

My only partner in this work is you. (contains a review of an art exhibitionhttps://frameshifts.com/2019/09/04/my-only-partner-in-this-work/

Artism: The World Through the Eyes of Autism (exhibition review) 12/3/2017 https://frameshifts.com/2017/12/03/artism-the-world-through-the-eyes-of-autism/

A year’s worth (film review) 6/4/2017 https://frameshifts.com/2017/06/

Inspector O, Frontal Messages, & Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste 5/10/2017 https://frameshifts.com/2017/05/

Frameshifts: Six Years Later 2/18/2017 https://frameshifts.com/2017/02/

A Display for the Inauguration Stand 1/19/2017. (Election comments) https://frameshifts.com/2017/01/

Ambush Your Soul 12/31/2016  https://frameshifts.com/2016/12/

Conducting:  Outside and Inside 9/13/2016  https://frameshifts.com/2016/09/

Unconventional conventions: Campaign promo by Rev. Riley & the Lovely Linda 7/20/2016  https://frameshifts.com/2016/07/

Earth Day, 2016    4/25/2016  https://frameshifts.com/2016/04/

Of spring, trees, grass, and wounds 3/8/2016  https://frameshifts.com/2016/03/

Two new books   12/14/2015 (reviews)  https://frameshifts.com/2015/12/

Richmond Scenes—past and present   10/9/2015  https://frameshifts.com/2015/10/

Thoughts on collaboration (commentary)    9/21/2015  https://frameshifts.com/2015/09/

Musical conversations   8/31/2015  https://frameshifts.com/2015/08/

Unsociable poems and other rehearsals (review of mural by Brian Smith) 6/28/15  https://frameshifts.com/2015/06/

Ferguson, Workplace, & Making Soup (commentary) May 11, 2015  https://frameshifts.com/2015/05/

Down Time  (Includes a review of Emma Hooper’s book) 10/15/2014  https://frameshifts.com/2014/10/

Healing Breaths (long commentary and annotated bibliography for a seminar on spiritual practices) 5/1/2014  https://frameshifts.com/2014/05/

Review of J. Parini’s Jesus, The Face of God December 2013  https://frameshifts.com/2013/12/

Brief comments about Callenbach’s Ecotopia and my production Fisher of the James 9/15/2013  https://frameshifts.com/2013/09/

Comments about Phil Shepherd’s New Self, New World, Bill McKibben, and Rob Hopson  7/13 /13  https://frameshifts.com/2013/07/

Performance update on Fisher of the James 2/27/2013  https://frameshifts.com/2013/02/

Information about Caritas, poetry, and upcoming performances 1/14/2013  https://frameshifts.com/2013/01/

Mashkinonge, the magical fish, makes a third announcement about environmental issues 11/18/2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/11/

A Microslice of Sustainability 10/28/2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/10/

Local Conservation—comments by the magical fish 9/28/2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/09/

Finding & Making Value—and readers, a report from the Chicago AWP Book Fair 6/16/2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/06/

Notice of e-book release: Death Wears a Tricorn February 26, 2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/02/

Shifts of Consciousness: The Frameshifts series and Read-outs from a Strange Territory   1/2/2012  https://frameshifts.com/2012/01/  The first blog on Frameshifts.

Selected other information on the Frameshifts blog web-site

Information about current performances and other events is given on the “coming events” page and deleted afterwards.

PUBLIC ACCESS TO MY WORK: Links to librettos, videos and recordings of performances, and other works. https://frameshifts.com/notes-on-frameshifts/  and http://marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org/

BIO: Richard L. Rose has retired from several careers, including teaching, medical laboratory work, environmental education and research, math and science supervision, and teaching science and science teaching methods in public schools and universities. After growing up “on the road” with a military family, described in the memoir Marking Time, he settled in Northern Virginia with his wife to raise two sons and follow his vocation of teaching and avocations of writing and musical composition. Since retiring, he has produced several chamber operas, Annunciations, The Books of Daniel, Amber, The People’s Voice, two children’s books, Shura and The Queen and the Crocodile, and several books of poetry.  Following his wife’s death and beginning a second marriage, he composed La Rinuncia and a novel, FRAMESHIFTS, published in 2011.  All but the last of the operas were benefit concerts for groups like Amnesty, Habitat, and local charities. Another musical work, The Fisher of the James, focused on environmental concerns, and a set of stories, Hidden Moves and Hidden Faces, come from living in Richmond. The book and other projects are described on his website (marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org) and blog http://www.frameshifts.com. In his spare time, he collects rejection slips.

Recurrent themes are the transience of our lives and habitat and an insistence that we find effective ways to attend to this fact. By producing benefit concerts, reducing royalties, and recommending nonprofit organizations worthy of their attention, he invites readers to make their own creative responses. Perhaps readers of FRAMESHIFTS will be inspired to imagine and accomplish something positive for their communities. In writing, however, his intention is simply to tell a good story with interesting characters in surprising situations.

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