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Welcome to newcomers! We are all artful beings and websites provide a means to give or sell our work to others as well as to announce live performances. On this site, my interest is to share my work and to converse with others about their work. We work on ourselves first. Poetry, stories, pictures, music and other arts ensue. The work on ourselves is the continuing center of the conversation. You may sign up on this site for notices of new blogs. (They don’t come more than once a month.)

Here find my responses to living. So much of what matters is already given before we appear on Earth–our habitat, our people, our culture. As Kurt Vonnegut said, we just got here. We come into being without any planning, control, or programming on our part. Our lives unfold in response to the given.  This newsletter will provide such responses as: links, essays, abstracts, stories, poems, book reviews, quotations, videos and music about health, humanity, the natural world, curiosity, and imagination. Like the Salvage Yard built by Avery Crawley in my book, FRAMESHIFTS, these responses make a provisional stay against waste and loss.You are invited to click on previous blog comments, Notes about Frameshifts and other writings, notices of previous or coming performances, and to visit links like those below. Please comment and let me know if you would like to do a guest commentary.

          This blog considers life as a practice–a rehearsal. To  rehearse literally means “to rake over,” as in preparing soil. We continually work on ourselves as artists work on  tones, words, clay, or canvas. As a gardener is always raking, so we keep responding. We make no finished performances. In this continuing procession, our attention comes and goes. While this website  is neither a self-help site nor an advertising platform, I do plead guilty to self-promotion in the interest of starting our conversation.Perhaps the newsletters will occasionally draw your attention back to your own garden.  See the other panels on the header, such as “Work on Yourself,” to access my writing and compositions. And see these links:

A few links:

Here is my other website, where I place musical scores, manuscripts, photos, family information, and information about well being.   http://marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org

Here’s a YouTube link to readings by me and others at the Poetry Society of Virginia in April 2015: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-1T4lCDAI&list=PLaYPMBLAyZMG2FmZKuwCiBQBvSSnIlUwE

and at the PSV Poetry Festival in Williamsburg, May 15-16, 2015:


(I read the poems  “South Boston Man, June 6, 1944” and “Love’s old refrain.” Thanks to Bill Glose, author of The Human Touch,  for making these.)

And here’s the link to a song,  “Just enough”:


Although I have sites on Google +, Twitter, and Facebook, they are to direct to readers to this website.

Here is a link to a prose poem “Palliative Care” posted on the Medium site. It is part of a larger work in progress, “AUTOMATOMA.”


Here is a book review of one of the mystery novels about the North Korean policeman, Inspector O. “Target, Teepees and Inspector O,” published  on Cadillac-Cicatrix  http://marginalnotesinwordsandmusic.org/Content/TargetTepeesAndInspectorO.pdf

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